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Horse 'Clothing' and Tack

Everything for your Horse from Boots to Bridles

Andy Tack Equestrian Supplies

Phone us on:
01922 744546
or 07973 662142

Andy Tack has a comprehensive stock of 'clothing' and tack for your horse. From rugs to keep them dry and warm, boots and bandages to protect their legs, bridles and head collars for control to smaller items like girths, numnahs, bits and hoof picks, we have Cuddly Ponies Range from Andy Tacksomething for every horse or pony.

Below are examples of some of our range, and we stock most sizes from small Shetland to large Hunter but if we don't have the size or make that you are looking for we would be happy to order them in for you, just ask us.

For our younger riders Andy Tack is an approved supplier for the Cuddly Ponies range.


Horse and Pony Rugs

Fly Sheets, Coolers, Stable, Turnout & Hoods

Turnout and Stable Rugs from Andy Tack
  • Weatherbeeta
  • Mark Todd
  • Saxon
  • GFS
  • Pessoa

Boots and Leg Protection

Overreach, Brushing & Travel Boots, Gaiters, Bandages

Brushing and Overreach Boots for horses from Andy Tack
  • Legacy Equestrian
  • Roma
  • Shires
  • English Gaiter Co
  • N.E.W (New Equine Wear)
  • Sportabac Turnout Socks

Bridles and Head Collars

Foal slips, Field Head collars to Double Bridles

Headcollars and bridles from Andy Tack
  • Collegiate
  • Kincade
  • JHL
  • Libbys
  • Cuddly Pony
  • Olympian
  • Kavalcade

Other Items

Girths, Stirrup Leathers, Numnahs

Numnahs, Girths and horse tack from Andy Tack
  • Wintec
  • Aerborn
  • Cottage Craft
  • Collegiate
  • JHL

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